Dining Room Lighting

There are many components that bring a dining room together, obviously the table and chairs but have you considered light fixtures? Simple additions like these create layers which can give the room more character.


This dining room has so many features that I love that make it so unique and beautiful! The warm tones in the dining set and other pieces of furniture are contrasted with the abundant light in the space, the natural light coming from the windows and the stunning chandelier which make it feel lighter and brighter! Check out that ceiling, especially with the shadows from the chandelier- gorgeous!


I love this memorable and inviting dining room! The open concept into the kitchen and the repetition of the unique chairs at the table and the little bar gives this space beautiful character! This picture showcases the lighting in this picture very well because it not only shows the alluring fixture of the dining room but you can also see the hanging fixtures in the kitchen. The lighting in these rooms not only exhibit different styles, but also how they can coordinate and provide layering between the rooms. Separately or together, the lighting in this space is stunning!!


I love the light chairs and large light fixtures contrasted with the dark floors! It does an amazing job of making this room look sleek and sophisticated! This picture does an amazing job showcasing the lighting and layering between these rooms. Open concept and layering light creates a beautiful sense of style in this space!


Before we get to lighting in this space, would you look at all the beautiful components that bring this room together?! That wallpaper is so bold and beautiful, not to mention those amazing chairs! There is a lot of light coming in through the windows so this simple chandelier is perfect with the amount of light it provides! This space does a phenomenal job bringing in character and interest!

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